Through communication with one another, we gain an objective awareness of ourselves. Often times we already know the answers to the questions we seek, but as humans, we have a tendency to doubt and second guess ourselves. When another affirms our instincts and encourages us to listen to our inner voice, and we realize that what has been coming from within all along is the truth we've been searching for, we become that much more in touch with out intuition and less likely to doubt the wisdom within us in the future. Connection is what we truly seek, beyond the surface of ever changing wants and desires. We seek connection with others, life, and the earth. Only through the reconnection and acknowledgement of our selves as sacred and integral parts of the whole, will we be comfortable and satisfied.

​...In the darkest moments find inside the light that still shines, and with the moon's gentle urging, feed the flame of the divine. Love is never absent, sometimes hidden from the mind, so make peace with the enemy, self-shadows that fool one blind...

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 αʙvᴇ, § вᴇLฬ. A§ ฬiTнin, §iTнut.

Ƭнᴇrᴇ ᴇxi§t§ nвLαcк r ฬнitᴇ,

nLℽ infini​tᴇ Grαℽ§.

Intuitive Readings​

​​​Mαrℽ GrαℽCrαͷᴇ

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Love flows through All. Let your walls fall.

 I have been reading for almost 6 years with a passion that only continues to grow brighter in pure love, trust, and reverence for the Divine. I always seek to understand the unique perspective of each client in order to  effectively serve his or her highest good. I am a psychic (primarily clairaudient and claircognizant), empath, medium, alchemist, astrologer, and numerologist. I feel that as a reader, part of my job is to help my clients identify their spiritual values and design daily spiritual practices, if they haven't done so already, in order to keep their relationship with themselves, Divine, and all life forms strong.

Although I am very accurate when receiving and reflecting information, the one who seeks has the sole ability to catalyze an evolution of spirit through his or her acknowledgment of strengths and opportunities to grow, and the initiation of the actions required to manifest his or her dreams. The true magick occurs in the interaction between the Divine mirror reflection of two humans speaking from the heart, with gratitude and humility. I learn just as much as I teach, and I heal just as much as I bring healing, in every reading with every client I've ever been blessed to be a part of.

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