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rage, passion love, victory...the endless grays of our very existence into something relatable and possibly beneficial to another soul.

I am a Nashville, TN native, but I have spent the last 6 years in Huntington Beach, CA, with stops all over the country and beyond in between. My interactions with many types of people from different cultural backgrounds inspires my writing. I am truly fascinated by the art of storytelling, and much of what I create is from a place of attempting to see through the eyes others with very different lives than my own. It is funny however, that it seems like we really aren't so different after all. The settings and characters and plots may differ, but the emotional story of life is really essentially the same. Kay the Aquanaut writes, "Put yourself in everyone's position. This type of view will open up your vision--when you're rolling down the street, rolling down the street, rolling down the street." (This is an excerpt from the song Rolling on Empty from the album Station Wagon by Kay the Aquanaut & produced by Maki.)

When we honor our own individuality, while honoring the individuality of others simultaneously; a transformation takes place, as our hearts realize that we truly are All the Same. Change is possible when we finally realize that we don't have to be so separate from one another; that hateful, judgmental, and senseless violence are absurd attempts to resist and deny reality. We, in essence, make up ONE. All is SELF. When we free ourselves of the things that keep us apart and reconnect with truth, we...Dissolve Walls

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 αʙvᴇ, § вᴇLฬ. A§ ฬiTнin, §iTнut.

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Dissolving Walls through Creative Expression...


Hello, and thanks for visiting my page! My name is Mary GrayCrane deZevallos, aka BADB CATHA (the artist name I publish my music under), and I am a creator. Ever since I can remember, I have used artistic expression as an outlet and tool for growth, to process emotions and dreams, and to find new perspective on life events. As a visual artist I am primarily a photographer and graphic designer, although I still enjoy painting and drawing. We are all on quests for truth and happiness in one way or another, so this is a little glimpse into my personal path. In my experience, I have learned to honor the fact that tragedy and suffering are just as much a part of life as pleasure and joy, and often the former two are more valuable ingredients for personal/spiritual evolution than the latter two. These emotional extremes have a tendency to overlap, although so often over the years, one or the other pole receives primary focus in works of art and music. I think that the mainstream is finally recognizing that generally people aren't able to swallow the high fructose coated, perfect and false reality illusion of lyrical content, generic factory generated pop music, and people vastly desire to listen to music that is honest, real, and raw; the myriad of darks and lights included. Personally, I  enjoy exploring the complexities of the psyche, the contradictions of our very nature, and especially those controversial, yet universal themes of consciousness suppressed by society itself. I hunger for, and thus produce art with edge, depth, heartfelt truth, and fearlessness. This is my purification ritual of distilling tragedy, insanity,