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 αʙvᴇ, § вᴇLฬ. A§ ฬiTнin, §iTнut.

Ƭнᴇrᴇ ᴇxi§t§ nвLαcк r ฬнitᴇ,

nLℽ infini​tᴇ Grαℽ§.

Dissolving Walls through Creative Expression...


Hello, and thanks for visiting my page! My name is Mary GrayCrane, and I love photography, graphic design, painting, drawing, collage, writing etc. I'm also inspired by love, deep emotion, breath-taking beauty, nature, animals, thinking outside the box, questioning everything, music, performing arts, metaphysics, quantum physics, vortex mathematics, spirituality, meditation, magick, tarot, astrology, numerology, ancient knowledge, traditions and myths from every culture...pretty much anything that ignites my creativity and sparks my desire to discover my own personal truths.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Dissolve  Walls


Graphic Design  Photography

 Mixed Medi Intuitive Readings

​​​Mαrℽ GrαℽCrαͷᴇ

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I feel that it is important for us, as humans, to stay in touch with the sheer wonder of life and our existence on a daily basis. Creative expression is a direct path to the subconscious, where we can reconnect with our true selves, unlock our inner magick, and give our Inner Light the freedom to radiate externally. When we honor our own individuality, while honoring the individuality of others simultaneously; a transformation takes place, as our hearts realize that we truly are All the Same. We, in essence, make up ONE. All is SELF. When we free ourselves of judgement we...Dissolve Walls